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A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.
--Grace Murray Hopper


Comments on Tracy's Teaching on Cancer and Massage Therapy From "Caring for Clients with Cancer: Simple Steps to Safe, Effective Massage Therapy"

Very therapist-friendly. Clean, clear, specific and immediately applicable.
-- Stephanie Olive Manion, Seattle, WA

I could not have attended a more valuable course - so well worth the time and effort!
-- Jane Otaqui, Wells, Somerset UK

She was a wonderful teacher, and I've never stopped using my knowledge. I tell people about the class and say it was worth every penny I had to spend from travel time, to time off of work and preparation for being away from home. I would do it again in a heart beat!
-- Beth Shumaker, Richmond, VA

You are an excellent communicator, therapist, and teacher. Thank you for your work. You have set me on a path to learn and share as much as I can about massage for support during the cancer journey. I am truly fortunate to be one of your students. Thank you!
-- Darlene Hegedus, Vancouver BC, Canada

Erased SO MUCH fear of the unknown. I will be at ease to work with a much wider client base. Thanks!
-- Todd Kipfer, Rolfe, IA

I had been told by another massage therapist that this was the best continuing education training she had done in her 10 years of taking classes. Even so, this training far exceeded my expectations. On a scientific note, I finally know how to extricate/use information from research studies!
-- Nan Colton, Shoreline, WA

Felt I learned a lot not only about working with cancer patients, but info that can be used for other populations.
-- Suzzanne Madden, Waterbury, CT

Tracy really gives her all to this subject. She's well-read and well-versed in an area that is complex, mysterious and difficult. I'm in awe of her strength and also her humility in regard to massage and cancer.
-- Elaine Calenda, Academic Dean, Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Boulder, CO

Tracy is very knowledgeable in her field. She is able to give the information at a level of comfort and understanding for people with different backgrounds.
-- Joe Hudson, Northampton, MA

This class provided me with essential information that is making a powerful difference in the way I work with clients with cancer, as well as all other clients. Cancer and other serious illnesses affect all of us--as spouses, survivors, friends, family members, and as massage therapists. I now understand so much more about cancer and some of the ways I can safely work on people who are dealing with it.
-- Rebecca Auclair, Moretown, VT

Tracy Walton is an excellent, thorough and interesting teacher. I appreciate her precision, attention to detail, and her integration of personal feedback, literature, and a general emotional/spiritual sensitivity to this work...I learned a lot from this class!
-- Heather H., Boulder, CO

The material was well-prepared and skillfully presented. The course handouts were scholarly works in and of themselves. The workshop dealt in considerable depth into the pathophysiology of cancers, and stressed modifications to massage procedures involving site; position; speed; scheduling; stroke; pressure; duration; rhythm; lubricant; and environment. In clear, concise terms, the presenters stressed the importance of investigating the side-effects and complications of common cancer treatments before proceeding, and reasoning through the possible beneficial and harmful effects of techniques on the client's condition. They illustrated information trees to help in gathering information using a logical progression, and suggested ways to fill in information gaps. The instructors' thorough preparation and presentation enabled them to offer huge amounts of important information in a short amount of time.
-- Cliff Korn, Editor, Massage Today, reviewing Tracy Walton and Gayle MacDonald's presentation at the AMTA 2002 National Convention.
(Click here for full text of the article, "Educational Excellence," Massage Today 2(11): 3, November, 2002.)

Lots of info was presented but it never felt rushed or crammed in. Great job of allowing input/diversions while still keeping us on track. Wonderfully understandable and organized written materials...I appreciate the emphasis on teaching us the clinical thinking skills that we can apply to any client with cancer...Heard from multiple people that this was the best continuing education they've ever taken.
-- Laurie Fronek, Admissions Representative, Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle, WA

Good, good balance of lecture, discussion, hands on, breaks. Wonderful pacing, plenty of time for questions. One of the best classes, maybe the best I have ever taken. Thank you so much!
-- Wendy Davis, Port Townsend, WA

Tracy makes a difficult and emotional subject simple to understand, with loads of compassion thrown in for good measure. Her sense of humor, her stories, and the quotes we read--it was a wonderful three days. Thank you!
-- Katherine Peters, Raleigh, NC

This is the only workshop for which I showed up early, stayed engaged and excited throughout, and went home and reviewed my notes. I am so very grateful to you for guiding us and sharing your knowledge. This has been an amazing weekend.
-- Julie McCoy Gibson, Edmonds, WA

Tracy has helped me understand what I need to know in order to attempt this beautiful work. She makes it interesting and fun. It has also been a heartwarming and soul-filling experience.
-- Karen Venable, State Coordinator, Carolina Emergency Response Massage Team (CERMT), Faculty, Medical Arts Massage School, Raleigh, NC